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Drury Foster SR. son of James

Drewster or Drury Foster I was born abt. 1767 probably Bedford Co, VA, and died after 1850 in Giles Co, Tennessee.  He married Mary Pratt, dtr of James Pratt and wife Mary, she born abt 1770 in VA. They were married 6 April 1786 in Bedford Co, VA.
The first record of Drury occurs under the name Drurester Foster with his April 3, 1786 marriage record to Mary Pratt in Bedford County, Virginia.  Witnesses, to this marriage were John Dowdy, Ezekial Dowdy, John Foster, Abner Foster and his parents, James and Mary Foster.  The next record of him occurs in a 1787 Virginia Tax list, where he is listed as being between the age of 16 and 21 years of age, having no black slaves, one horse and one cow.  He was listed as not tithable.  In this same tax record in Bedford County are listed James Foster, John Foster and Abner Foster. 

The next record we have is of a Drury Forster (Foster?) in Warren County, Kentucky in 1810.  There were a large number of Fosters that settled in that Warren County which later became Allen County, Kentucky.  It appears that by 1819 Drury Foster had moved to Sumner Co., Tennessee where he appears on the tax record. 
        Sometime between living in Sumner Co., Tennessee (1819) and Giles Co., Tennessee (1824) he may have also journeyed back to Bedford County, Virginia where he and Mary are listed in his wife’s family estate land transaction.  In this fortunate record is a listing of all the brothers and sisters of Mary (Pratt) Foster along with a few nieces and nephews.  This land grantor record of May 27, 1822 to James and Lucy Woodford (a sister to Mary) and Joshua R. Brown from Joshua Pratt, lists the following relatives; John Wilkes and his wife Judith, Drury Foster and his wife Mary and Hugh, Joshua, Jane and Polly Pratt infant heirs of Jesse Pratt deceased.  This record confirms that the name Drurester used on the marriage license to Mary Pratt in 1786 is the same person listed in 1822 as Drury.  What is so interesting about this record is that the names “Drury Foster & wife Mary” were added after the original document was pinned, which typically means that this was added later by a couple not physically present at the time of estate land transaction but in another location (perhaps in Kentucky or Tennessee?).
        The next record of Drury Foster appears in 1824 with his purchase of some 141 acres in District 14/15 of Giles County, Tennessee Then his name appears in the 1836 Tax List of Giles County, Tennessee, District 14.  In the 1840 Federal Census Record of Giles County, Tennessee we find a Drewry Foster age 70 to 80 years of age (our Drury would have been 73), a woman age 70 to 80 years (Mary Foster would have been 70), a woman age 40 to 50 (unknown), a woman age 30 to 40 (Rhoda Foster would have been 33 years of age) and a young boy age 5 to 10 (Woodford Perry Foster would have been 7 years of age).  In the 1850 Federal Census Record of Giles Co., Tennessee we find Drury Foster (age 83), Mary Foster (age 80), Rhoda Foster (age 43) and Woodford Perry Foster (age 17). 
                It is believed that Drury and his wife died and were buried in Giles Co., TN.
1789 Bedford Co VA Tax List, with Abner, James and John ; NOT Tithable self, 10011
1790  Bedford Co VA Tax list, with Abner, James and John

1800  Pittsylvania County VA, Tax List Personal list A    1..1
1810 Warren Co, KY Census; 2M <10, 1m10<16, 1M>45; 2F<10, 1f10<16, 1F16<26, 1F26<45
1812 Green River Association Church list
1819 Tax List for Sumner Co, TN
1821 Drakes Creek Association Church list
1836 Tax List Giles Co, Tn acres White Poll Foster Drury 1 Foster Geo. W 1 Foster Henry 105 1 Foster Marstin 1 Foster Wiley 1
Foster Drury 14,Foster Geo. W. 14, Foster Henry 14, Foster James A. 14, Foster John 11, Foster John 14, Foster Marstin 14, Foster Wiley 14

1840 Giles Co, TN; 1m5<10, 1M70<80, 1F30<40, 1F40<50, 1F70<80.  In HH of Rhoda Foster
1850 Giles Co, TN; Rhoda age 43 KY, Drury age 83 VA, Mary age 80, VA, Woodford Perry age 17 Tn.

Associational Table of Salem Baptist Church
Year Messengers Members
(Green River Association)
1812 D. Foster 33
(Drakes Creek Association)
1821 Drury Foster 17
Abner Foster
Page 39
Joshua Pratt's estate to Plaintiffs James and Lucy Woodford, on behalf of heirs Joshua Pratt, Jessee Wilks and Judith his wife, Drury Foster and Mary his wife, and Hugh, Joshua, Jane, and Polly Pratt minor heirs, signed J. R. C. Brown, commissioner; recorded 22 Jul 1822 in 1822 at Bedford Co., VA. Joshua R C Brown conveyed Title to James Woodford & his wife lucy for 770 A on Goose Creek, near John Clayton, John Scott, and Milburn Williamson. The conveyance was per order of the Chancery court of March 1821, with Woodford acting on behalf of Joshua Pratt, Jesse Wilk and his wife Judith, Drury Foster and his wife Mary, and the infant heirs of Jesse Pratt, deceased. signed May 27, 1822 and recorded July 22 1822 (Bedford DB 17:238) from; The Browns of Bedford County, VA 1748-1840, A collection of Brown Surname Records extracted from Primary & secondary sources, by Barara Brown Eakley, of Hertiage Books, 1998.

372 - For Drury FOSTER, Entry 100, 116 A in Rng. 1, Sec. 2, C.D.'s 14 & 15, adj. Martin FOSTER; WIlliam THURMAN; W. H. BATRIGHT; M. THURMAN; Noah HICKMAN. Surv. 19 Apr 1847. John HICKMAN & W. H. BOATRIGHT, C.C.
391 - For David A. GOOCH, assignee of Thomas WILLIAMS, Drury FOSTER and James R. POWERS, Entry 332, 217 A in Rng. 1, Sec. 1, C.D. 3, adj. Ephraim LOCKE; Leevicy HUNTER; John EDMONDSON; Isaac SMITH. Surv. 26 Mar 1847. David A. GOOCH & Moses L. JONES, C.C.
403 - For William THURMAN, Sr., Entry -- made -- of -- 18--, 98 A in Rng. 1, Sec. 2, C.D. 15, on head of Lynn Creek, adj. Martin FOSTER; John BOATRIGHT; H. BOATRIGHT, Drury FOSTER. Surv. date not given.. Thomas M. LOVELL & Anderson TRICE, C.C.

Giles County Entry Book 1824, Page 360: State of Tennessee, Giles County: I have (re) surveyed for DRURY FOSTER, 141 7/8 acres of land, under the occupant laws of the State, the original entry No. 100 being in his name, for 116 acres, on the waters of Big Creek, in Range 1, section 2, in the 14th. & 15th. Civil districts. Beginning at a maple the northeast corner of a 62 acre entry No. 92, in the name of MARTIN FOSTER; thence south 88 1/2 east with William Thurman's north boundary line, passing his corner & with W.H. Boatright's line, 188 poles to a large poplar; then north with said Boatright's line 123 poles to two chestnuts; thence west with his line, passing his corner at 14 poles, & with M. Thurman's south boundary line in all 188 poles to a poplar; thence south with Noah Hickman's line 118 1/2 poles to the beginning. Resurveyed the 19th. Day of April, 1847.
W. L. Willeford, Jr., D. S. G. C Jno. Hickman
W. H. Boatright. C.C.

92 - For Martin JONES, Entry -- made 1844, 26 1/2 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2 on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. James TURNBOW. Surv. date not given. A. K. MORROW & Drury FOSTER, C.C.

94 - For Martin JONES, Entry 136 made 27 Mar 1844, assignee of Samuel MORROW, 8 1/2 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 1, on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. William FINES; Thomas MORROW. Surv. date not given. A. K. MORROW & Drury FOSTER, C.C.
95 - For Martin JONES, Entry 133 made 27 Mar 1844, 35 1/2 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 1 on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. Andrew TURNBOW; James JOHNSON; Thomas MORROW. Surv. date not given. Samuel MORROW & Drury FOSTER, C.C.
96 - For Martin JONES, assignee of Samuel MORROW, Entry -- made 1844, 24 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2 on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. James TURNBOW; E bank of Big Creek. Surv. date not given. A. K. MORROW & Drury FOSTER, C.C.
97 - For Martin JONES, assignee of Amos COFFMAN, Entry 438, 51 A in Rng. 2, Sec. -, on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. William FINE; Samuel MORROW; James TURNBOW. Surv. 25 Mar 1844. Samuel MORROW & Drury FOSTER, C.C.
98 - For Martin JONES, Entry 135 made 27 Mar 1844, 5 1/2 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2 on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. Alexander K. MORROW; James BROWNLOW. Surv. date not given. Samuel MORROW & Drury FOSTER, C.C.
113 - For Martin JONES, assignee of Daniel JONES, 82 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2, on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. S. H. SMITH; Samuel MORROW. Surv. 20 Jan 1844. Samuel MORROW & Dru
1.     CHARLOTTE “LOTTIE” FOSTER  (ca. 1783 – ca. 1865) married Richard Bailey (ca. 1780 - 1849) on __________ at _________ and lived in Giles Co., Tennessee.  Their children were:
1)     Minerva Jane Bailey (ca. 1831 – after 1880) never married and lived in Giles Co., Tennessee.
2)     Mary Wallace Bailey (ca.1835 – 16 July 1881) married Benjamin Jesse Garrigus and lived in Liberty (Pope Co.), Arkansas.   There children were:  Louvonia Jane Garrigus (Mrs. W.I. Johnson), Francis Marion Garrigus, Maston Frederick Garrigus, Jesse Erwin Garrigus, Benjamin Franklin Garrigus, Ellen Verona Garrigus, John Ross Garrigus, George Washington Garrigus, Jacob Sereno Hubastus Garrigus.

2.     LUCY FOSTER (ca. 1790 - _______23 Sept. 1873) married Thomas Henry Grisham (ca. 1788 – 10 Mar. 1838) on December 4, 1810 in Smith County, Tennessee.

1)     Jubal Grisham (_____1812 - ____________).
2)     James Bailey Grisham (______1815 - ________1846) married Wilmuth Foster and lived in Maury Co., Tennessee. Both had died early and left no living children.
3)     Miles Harper Grisham (_______1820 – 4 Apr.1872) married Lucinda _______ and lived in East Port (Tishomingo Co.), Mississippi and moved to Sandywood (Scott Co.), Missouri.  Their children were:  Dinah Grisham, William J. Grisham (Scott, MO), Elizabeth Grisham.
4)             Drewry E. Grisham (_______1826 - ____1863) married Martha Emaline Day and lived in East Port (Tishomingo Co.), Mississippi and moved to Scott City (Scott Co.), Missouri.    Their children were:  Martha A. H.

Grisham (Mrs. John McBride), Elizabeth Grisham (Mrs. Francis M. Watson), Sarah Madison Grisham (Mrs. James Watson of Crowder, MO), Miles Thomas N. Grisham, Lucy Josephine Grisham, and Samuel Davenport Grisham.
5)    William Matson Grisham (17 Apr. 182824 Oct. 1899) married Charlotte Rebecca Foote and lived in East Port (Tishomingo Co.), Mississippi.  Their children were:  William Finch Grisham, Lou Grisham, Marion E. Grisham, Missouri W. Grisham, Nancy Lutitia Grisham (died young) , Thomas Henry Grisham (Iuka, MS), .
6)     Samuel Y. Grisham (_______1832 - _______1867) married Nancy E. Davis and lived in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi.  Their children were:[  Lucy R. Grisham (Mrs. McDougal), Rebecca Ann Grisham (Mrs. William Tyson Barnes of Burnsville, Miss.), Jubal Masters “Mack” Grisham (Burnsville, Miss.) Marsha Ann Grisham (Mrs. Jasper Joshua Streetman of Burnsville, Miss.), Miles Drew Grisham (Alcorn Co., Miss.).
      Lucy Foster was born in Virginia probably in Bedford County.  She journeyed with her parents to Warren County, Kentucky when a young lady and eventually to Smith County, Tennessee where she met her future husband, Thomas Grisham.  An interesting story has been handed down through the generations and preserved by their family researcher, Will Smith of Hillsboro, Tennessee, sheds light on Lucy’s personality.  At a neighbor’s barn raising in Smith County, Tenn. around 1809 or 1810, Lucy was attracted to one of the handsome men involved in the barn raising.   In order to determine if this was the man for her, Lucy sliced a boiled egg in half, removed the yolk, filled the cavity with salt and then ate the whole egg, salt and all.   She then went to sleep and dreamed that Thomas brought her a bucket of water to quench her thirst.  When she awoke, she took this dream to mean that she was to marry Thomas Grisham.  Lucy had a reputation as a “faith doctor” claimed she knew how to use folk medicine to cure warts, headaches, etc. 
     Thomas Grisham was a veteran of the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, where he served with Capt. William Griffin’s 14th Regiment, Detached Kentucky Militia.  For his service during this conflict he received land grants near Lynnville, Giles County, Tennessee.  Ironically his father was Drury Grisham, whose descendants include William Jefferson Blythe, a.k.a. President Bill Clinton.  Thomas is remembered as a man who never cursed or used foul language in any form.  However, one day when he went out to get water from the drinking tank, he spotted a calf drinking from the family’s water supply.  He became so enraged that he began kicking the calf.   Shortly after, he became so violent that the family had to build a cabin to retain the changed Thomas.  They were so fearful of his behavior that not even the door to the cabin would be opened to feed him but instead women would slide meals to him through a slot that was cut in the logs with an added shelf.  Occasionally the men would unchain the door and clean him and the cabin as they saw necessary.  One of Thomas’s children having pity on him one day thought they would make him more comfortable by placing a nice feather mattress in his cabin.  The next morning when they went to check on their father they found him sitting next to the shredded mattress blowing feathers through the air.  He died shortly thereafter, on March 10, 1838.
     Lucy continued to live on the family property until 1844 when she sold this property and moved to Tishomingo County, Mississippi.  For reasons unknown to her children she managed to sell this property below market value to John Biffle for $350.  In 1854 these children now living in Tishomingo County, Mississippi sued John Biffle, et. al. for rights to the land claiming their mother had no right to sell the property without their consent.  Lucy died while living at Burnsville (Tishomingo Co.) Mississippi at the approximate age of eighty-three years.   It is not known where she was buried.
It is thought by a few researchers myself included, that a James Forrester (Foster) married a Rhoda Walton in Barren County, KY, and that this James was a son of Drury and Mary.  Also the following James Foster could be either James SR the Father of Drury, or James Jr the brother of Drury or Drury's son James.
Warren county Kentucky Wills and Inventories Book A 1796-1814

James Foster Inventory (D) May 20 1813
(AP) Drury Foster, James Sherman, James Wilson, Peter Wagoner
3.     UNKNOWN  FOSTER (_________ - ___________) married Rhoda _________ (__________1807 – after 1880).  They had one known child:  It is also possible that Rhoda Foster was a daughter of Drury Foster and her son was illegitimate.
1)       Woodford Perry Foster (_______ 1833 - ____________) married Mary Jane Thurman (_____1835 – before 1880) and lived in Appleton (Washington Co.), Illinois.  Their children were:  Willis F. Foster (Nashville, Illinois), William R. Foster, S.A.Douglas or Drew Foster (died young), Sarah A. Foster, James Foster, John B. Foster, Zebudee Foster, Thomas E. Foster (Nashville, Illinois) and Woodford Perry Foster Jr (Posey, IL)

4.     DRURY FOSTER (1809 – Nov. 1879) married Nancy Morrow (1810 – 4 Jan. 1891) in 1832 at _________________.  Their children were:
(John Wiley Foster and his Sister Winnie Foster Morrow were twins per informant Betty Clawson descendant of Winnie Morrow. )

1)    Martha Permella Foster (24 June 1833 - 15 Mar. 1889) married Elias Winters and lived in Ashley (Washington Co.) Illinois.  Their children were:  Drury Winters, Amanda Winters (Mrs. Larkin T. Poole of Alton, Ill.), Permella Winters (Mrs. James Cane of Santa Curz, CA), Thomas Marion Winters (Kansas City, Missouri) James Dulin Winters (Burbank Calif.) and Charles Edgar Winters (died young, 4 Oct. 18739 May 1876)..
2)     William Martin Foster (7 June 183511 June 1906) married Mary Jane “Julia” Blake and lived near Columbia, Tennessee.  Their children were:  James Monroe Foster (Columbia, TN), William Martin Foster (San Angelo, TX) and Cora Ella Foster.
3)     Mary E. Foster (____________1838 – 2 Sept. 1866) married a Robert D. McFerrin
4)       Lucy P. Foster (____________1841 – ____________) married Earl Talbot.
5)    James Martin Foster (27 June 184313 Apr. 1908) married Illinois Deremiah and lived in Nashville (Washington Co.), Illinois.  They had no children.
6)     Nancy Louisa Foster (_________1848 - ____________) married a James S. McFerrin and lived in Pilot Knob (Washington Co.), Illinois.  Their children were:  Robert McFerrin and Ida McFerrin
7)       Lenora Josephine Foster (25 Aug. 1851 - 16 May 1937) married John M. Cochran and lived in Bonhomme (St.  Louis Co.), Missouri.  Their children were:  Nina A. Cochran, Bess Cochran,  Unknown Cochran, Unknown Cochran, Unknown Cochran, John Howard Cochran and Ruth Cochran.

         Drury Foster was born in the state of Kentucky.  He married when he was approximately twenty-three years of age.  His wife was Nancy Morrow who was born in the state of South Carolina.
         Shortly after their marriage they bought property in Lawrence County, Tennessee.  They remained here until around 1851 when they moved to Obion County, Tennessee.  The family stayed here only a year or so before moving to Nashville (Washington Co.), Illinois.
         Drury earned the family income by farming and by preaching as a minister with the Church of Christ.  Drury continued to live in Nashville, Illinois until the time of this death.  He and his wife are buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Nashville (Washington Co.), Illinois.
5.     JOHN WILEY FOSTER  (1814 - 1890) married Mary “Polly” Foster (1811 – about 1853) on August 31, 1832 in Maury County, Tennessee.  They had six children together.  Then he married Mrs. Susannah A. Dugger (22 Aug. 18272 Mar. 1882) and had nine more children.  His children are the following

1)  Nancy Jane Foster (11 Aug. 183723 Nov. 1888)married Noah S. Hickman and lived in Giles So., Tennessee.  They had the following children: Lousanna A. “Lizzie” Hickman, Margaret “Maggie” Hickman, John S. Hickman, Pat Caborne Hickman, Lucy E. “Srep” Hickman (died young), Jesse Hickman, Neely Hickman and William Hickman.
2)  William Franklin Foster (26 Nov. 18367 Nov. 1910) married Elizabeth Ellen Morrow and lived in Giles Co., Tennessee.  Their children were:  Mary Esther “Mat” Foster (Mrs. James David Brownlow of Del Valle, TX), Nancy T. “Tee” Foster (Mrs. James H. King of Greenville, TX), James Riley Foster (Austin, TX), John W. “Jack” Foster (Austin, TX, Manirva A. “Turzie” Foster (Mrs. Albert Elwood Howell of Maury Co., TN), William Franklin Foster (Maury Co., TN), Albert Newton Foster (Austin, TX), Rufus Meeks “Bull” Foster (Maury Co., TN), Sallie S. Foster (died young) and Charlie Emmitt Foster (Nashville, TN).
3)  John Riley Foster (24 Sept. 1841 – 20 Nov. 1906) married Nancy D. Morrow and lived in Maury Co., Tennessee and Taylor, Texas.  Their children were: Lucy E. Foster (Mrs. John W. “Jack” Foster of Austin, TX), Mary Ellen Foster (Mrs. George Smith), Alice J. Foster (Mrs. Wiley W. Foster) and William Francis Foster (Austin, TX).

4)     Alice E. Foster (26 Nov. 18421 Nov. 1920) married J. Morgan Hickman and lived in Giles Co., Tennessee.  They had no children.
4)       James Henry “Jim” Foster (_____ 1846 - _______1934) married Martha Hickman and had the following children:[ Elmore Douglas Foster, Wiley W. Foster, Lily Mae Foster (died young), William Foster (died young), James Tolbert “Toy” Foster, Bonnie Foster (died young), Ora Ann Foster (Mrs. Calvin Ashworth) and Fred Foster.  Then he married Nancy Virginia Thurman and had two more children:  Meredith Eldridge Foster and Ivey Pearl Foster (Mrs. Samuel J. Scruggs of Austin, TX).
5)       Albert Perry Foster (26 Nov. 1856 - 5 Mar. 1930) married Minerva Jane Hickman and their children were:  David Zebedee Foster (Maury Co., TN), John Dew Foster, Ruby Ann Foster and Emma Jane Foster (Mrs. Herbert C. Compton).
7)     Nancy A. Foster (_____1857 – before 1880).
        8)     Wilson Foster (_____1859 – before 1870)
9)     Alvin T. Foster (_____1861 – before 1888).
10)    Andrew Jackson Foster (___Nov. 1863 - _______ 1945) married Catherine” Callie” Trice and lived in Giles County, Tennessee.  Their children:   Eddie Franklin Foster, Walter Young Foster, Bertha Foster (Mrs. Johnny E. Hickman), Herbert R. Foster, and Gerthie Alice Foster (Mrs. William Morgan Oliver).
11)    Ira Franklin Foster (19 July 1865 - 20 Jan. 1942) married Sara Elizabeth Trice and their children were: Maude Frances Foster (Mrs. Algie Hodge Smith of Lynnville, TN)), Sara Lee Foster, Ollie Sims Foster, Mayburn Flourney Foster.
12)    Martha Foster (_________1867 - _____before 1890).
13)    Louisa Foster (10 June 186925 May 1932) married Rufus Overstreet and lived in Maury Co., Tennessee.  Their children were: Effie A. Overstreet (Mrs. William Theodore Connell), Rufus E. Overstreet, Eunice Irene Overstreet (Mrs. James Edward Underwood) and Ethel Overstreet (Mrs. Claude Hatchett of Columbia, TN).
Anderson Trice Foster (26 Nov. 187118 July 1939)married Mrs. Jennie Rieves and lived in Nashville, TN.  Their children; James Alvin Foster (Nashville, TN) and Maybelle Foster (Mrs. W.M. Wiggers of Indianolia, Miss
440 - For Willie FOSTER, Entry --, 108 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2, C.D. 14, adj. David KILCREASE; William FRY; John WRIGHT; May C. HOWELL; Robert F. MATTHEWS; William FESMORE. Surv. 25 Sep 1847. James M. LOVEL & Thomas BOAZ, C.C.

6.     WINNIE FOSTER (_______1814  - before 1860) married Thomas Morrow (_____1814 - before 1860) on September 16, 1838 in Hardeman County, Tennessee and then moved to Lafayette Co., Louisiana.  Their children were:
1)       John Wesley Morrow (15 June 18345 April 1881) married Alice Rebecca Love and lived in Maury County, Tennessee.  Their children were:  William Otey Morrow, Lucus Morrow, John Morrow, Mary Ella Morrow (Mrs. Peter B. Blocker), Jimmy Hester “Bud” Morrow.
2)       William C. Morrow (15 Nov. 183629 Mar. 1913) married Sarah C. Happy and lived in Giles Co., Tennessee. Their children were:  John Morrow, Alice L. Morrow, Asa L. Morrow, John Albert Morrow, Amelia Morrow, Sarah Elizabeth Morrow, William S. Morrow, Rhoda Gertrude Morrow and Fannie Florence Morrow.
3)       Jesse D. Morrow (___________ - _______)
4)       Elizabeth A. Morrow (________ - ___________).
5)       Mark Morrow (_________1843 – 7 Aug. 1864) died in regimental hospital Vicksburg, Mississippi. 
6)       Mary Jane Morrow (_______1845 - __________) married John Thomas Franklin Morrow and lived near Screamer (Maury Co.), Tennessee.  Their children were:  Thomas Morrow (Elgin, TX), Wiley P. “Doc” Morrow (Manor, TX), Bennie Morrow (Elgin, TX), Dora Ann Morrow (never married, Elgin, TX) Winnie Ellen Morrow (Mrs. William Ben Harrison Foster of Elgin, TX, Eura Dee Morrow (Mrs. Roy Benton Hodge of Elgin, TX)
7)       Julia California Morrow (______ 1849 - ___________)
8)       Phoebe Morrow (________1852 - ___________) was raised by Henry Foster of Washington Co., Illinois

7.  Henry Foster; born abt 1810-1811  (this Henry and Drury are very close in ages, in both the cenusus gives the illiusion that they were both born 1810.  While in 1810 Drury was already under a 1 yr., giving him a birth year of about 1809.
F236 FOSTER, Henry               V250 VAUGHAN, Susanah            25 Dec 1820 in Barren 
Co, KY  This cannot be the same Henry Foster.  Our Henry would only be 10 years old and 
should not be expected for marriage before 1825-1830.
151 - For Henry FOSTER, Entry 102, 29 1/2 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2, 14th C.D., on Bigby Creek in Giles and Maury Counties, adj. Elizabeth KERK; county line; Calvin COFFY; W. HOLT; Maj. C. HOWELL. Surv. 12 Sep 1844. James GARRIGUS & Stith M. WILSON, C.C
8. William Carrol Foster; born 1800-1815
143 - For William FRY, Entry 84, 33 3/4 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2 on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. B. A. ALEXANDER; YOKLEY'S field; David KILCREASE; FRY; Hardin L. CUNNINGHAM. Surv. 12 Jun 1844. Daniel NELSON & William C. FOSTER, C.C.

145 - For William C. FOSTER, Entry 88, 106 46/160 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2, on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. Daniel WRIGHT; John WRIGHT; David S. BRADLEY; Daniel CUTBIRTH. Surv. 15 Jun 1844. William MORROW & Mastin BAILEY, C.C.

146 - For William FRY, Entry 85, 122 11/160 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2 on Waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. Joseph BLAIR; Matthew CUNNINGHAM; Willie B. TIPTON. Surv. 14 Jun 1844. Daniel NELSON & William C. FOSTER, C.C.

431 - For William FRY, Entry 164, 129 1/4 A in Rng. 1, Sec. 2, C.D. 14, adj. William H. BOATRIGHT; Meredith THURMAN; G. W. MCKNIGHT; Samuel A. WEST; E. D. HICKMAN; John HICKMAN; William BAILEY. Surv. 22 Sep 1849. W. C. FOSTER & August JONES, C.C.

147 - For William FRY, Entry 71, 79 7/8 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2, on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. Matthew CUNNINGHAM; Willie B. TIPTON; Martin JONES. Surv. 12 Jun 1844. Daniel NELSON & William C. FOSTER, C.C.

148 - For Daniel MORROW, Entry 97, 92 A in Rng. 2, Sec. 2 on waters of Big Creek, C.D. 14, adj. John WRIGHT; Francis M. ROSE. Surv. 14 Jun 1844. William C. FOSTER & Daniel NELSON, C.C.

404 - For William FRY, Entry --, 17 1/2 A in Rng. 1, Sec. 2, C.D. 15, on waters of Lynn Creek, adj. Aaron B. EMERSON; Jesse FRY; Thomas T. ARMSTRONG survey; John HAMBRICK. Surv. 20 Sep 1847. William C. FOSTER & James FOSTER, C.C.

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  1. There was a Drury Foster in Madison County, Alabama near Giles County, Tennessee in the early 1820s.